Four EDC Pocket Pens Reviewed

//Four EDC Pocket Pens Reviewed

Four EDC Pocket Pens Reviewed

Fisher Space Pen

$18 from Amazon

The Fisher Space Pen is a regular appearance in EDC photos, as it should be. It’s inexpensive, incredibly pocketable, and the pressurized cartridge writes in extreme temperatures and conditions, including on wet paper or in a gravity vacuum.

But the medium ballpoint tip is prone to leaking ink while stored, and while it almost always writes, it doesn’t exactly write well. But if you’re looking for a pocketable EDC pen under $20, the Fisher Space Pen is probably your best bet.

The Pen Project

$30 from Schon DSGN

I backed this project on Kickstarter and although the pen is well made, it has a few design flaws that kept it in my drawer instead of my pocket. The first is the very small threads, and another is the very basic design including the thick barrel and lack of rounded corners. It just isn’t as comfortable in my pocket as the other pens.

It also requires a flathead screwdriver to change the cartridge, which is also a Fisher Space Pen pressurized ballpoint cartridge. If I had to pick either the original Fisher or this to carry with me, it’d be the Fisher Space Pen.

Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen

$52.50 from JetPens or Amazon

If you like writing with a fountain pen, this is the pocket EDC pen for you. It writes extremely well, is very pocketable, very small, very light, and the cap posts. It’s a little expensive, but I’ve had this pen for several years now and still find it to be one of the best fountain pens I own.

Ti Pocket Pro

$75 from Big Idea Design

My newest addition to my EDC pocket pens collection, I just received the Ti Pocket Pro from a successful Kickstarter campaign a couple of weeks ago. The main selling point of the Ti Pocket Pro is that it is supposed to work with over 80 different ink cartridges and refills. I tried it with several cartridges I had in my desk drawer, and it worked with more than half of them. It did not work with a Zebra refill or Hi-Tec C, but accepted everything else I threw at it.

This pen ships with a generic gel ink cartridge 0.4mm that reminds me of the popular G2 gel pens. It writes smoothly and consistently and has quickly become my daily carry. I either clip it in my shirt pocket or carry it in my pocket. Just be careful not to carry it in the same pocket as your phone, the solid titanium body and clip can crack glass screen protectors.

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